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The auto technicians at C Young Body Shop are commended throughout the community for their auto painting in Columbia, SC. Our knowledgeable staff is able to correct almost any scratch or dent paint damage and seamlessly blend your new paint with the old hues, regardless of the make, model, or year of your vehicle.

We understand that you want your vehicle to look its best at all times, and we aim to make sure that no dent or scratch detracts from the appearance of your most prized possession. Our expert color matching services make us one of the most notable paint repair specialists in the country. Whether your vehicle is heavily scratched or lightly dented, we have you covered when it comes to fixing your property up.

Our scratch paint jobs are one of our most popular services. Clients come in from around the city to paint over moderate to severe damage to their car caused by:

• Tree Branches—Parking along the street often leads to tree branches scratching the sides of your cars. Come to our body shop to get those scratches fixed in a flash.

• Keys—From a vandal or someone looking for revenge, we can cover those key marks for you.

• Car Doors—Was your door scratched by a careless driver who opened his door next to yours? Use our services to get that repaired in a jiffy.

• Garages—Whether your car was scratched by the garage door or the assortment of items stored in your garage, we offer services to get your car looking shiny and scratch-free.

Regardless of the scope of your damage, we have vehicle scratch paint over services that suit every client’s needs. For those of you who were bumped and scratched simultaneously, we also offer fast dent painting services to get your car looking new again.

To fix up your car quickly and efficiently, see the paint specialists at C Young Body Shop.

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